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A Sealed Concrete finish is a concrete floor which is grinded to a smooth finish and sealed clear. A variety of different sealers and coatings can be used to finish the floor including acrylic sealers, urethane coatings and epoxy coatings, which is what makes it sealed concrete rather than Polished Concrete.

While polished concrete floors may also use sealers, Sealed Concrete differs in that the floor is not honed and polished to the same level of sheen and finish as in a polished concrete floor.

raw sealed concrete

Concrete at its purest form

A sealed concrete finish is usually a 120 grit finish vs polished finish at 800 grit. Because less grinding is involved, sealed concrete can often be more economical than polished concrete. Customers may elect to have their concrete grinded to any grit level to achieve their desired sheen and finish. Manicured and sealed to last! Raw flooring system consists of a unique multi-step diamond grinding – concrete honing process which is then sealed by a choice of high performance sealers. This system can also be stained with a UV stable concrete dye or acid stain prior to sealing the surface. Final concrete sealers come in gloss, satin, matte or flat finishes.

Where polished concrete fails, the Raw flooring system excels. Superior stain resistance, anti mold and mildew, excellent color retention and anti slip if needed. It’s no wonder many retail, offices, galleries and even home owners are opting for a “Raw” concrete look as an alternative to traditional polished concrete flooring. It’s a polished concrete look with the added strength and durability of industrial epoxy-polyurethane or polyapartic coatings.

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