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Industrial epoxy is both immeasurably durable and beautiful; a combination of desirable traits that can rival any marble or stone flooring system. Set yourself apart with this innovative flooring system. With the special Allure formula for epoxy flooring, NJ area lofts, office spaces, lobbies, residential areas, restaurants, clothing stores, tattoo parlors, retail outlets, art galleries, hair salons and more can update and upgrade their space.

We are guided by the desire of creating versatile solutions for interior design and architecture. Claddings on floors, walls, countertops, steps, are the skin of our homes, and we believe that it is necessary to take care and pay attention to them. We feel a true passion for good design. We work under the criteria of respect for the environment, safety and health at work.

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A Numerous Various Effects

Allure designer epoxy floors utilize a special formula resin to create numerous various effects. Our applicators can incorporate a series of designer pigments, metallics, pearl effects, or color-shifts, in innumerable combinations to create the desired aesthetic. Allure flooring creates a whole new opportunity to express artistic designs, skills, and techniques.

Offering exceptional adhesion to numerous substrates, the Allure flooring system, when combined with the polyaspartic top coat, is resistant to high levels of abrasion, chemicals, hot-tire pick up, and UV exposure. To comply with codes and regulation, antimicrobial formulas as well as waterproofing capabilities are available. Our Allure flooring system complies with USDA, FDA, ADA, and OSHA standards.

With the added value of epoxy flooring, NJ spaces can enjoy a higher standard of sustainability and lower levels of maintenance, no matter the use of the space! Allure flooring is designed for both durability and decoration.

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